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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Why We Watch...And Complain

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      It snows in Wisconsin.

     And, when it does, it's a big deal on TV.

     I'm not here to debate the merits of round-the-clock, wall-to-wall coverage of a 2 inch dump.   It's a fact that tons of you look in, which is why stations keep doing it.   It's another lock that there will be talk show criticism of the coverage, and bar room ridicule of the supposed "over-reaction" by local news rooms.   Some bloggers will devote entire columns to the subj...wait a minute.

     Be that as it may, you watch.   The bigger question is, why?

     I'm not a psychiatrist but I have some theories.   The Germans have a name for it: schadenfreude, which loosely defined is the very human act of taking delight in the misery/misfortune of others.

     Face it, it's fun watching that poor schmuck reporter standing in front of that salt pile or idling snow truck, especially when you're still in your jammies with a cup of hot coffee or something stronger.   And, it's delightful to be at the dinner table in front of a piping hot bowl of mom's soup while your fellow commuters are stuck on I-94 amid chassis-deep snow.     Watching that poor guy trying to start his bucky snowblower is even more of a delight when you got yours to fire on the first pull.  

     Frankly, the LAST thing I want to see after swinging the idiot stick in the driveway for an hour is even more snow, but maybe that's just me.    When I was done clearing the walk, I opted for food porn in the person of Giada of "Food Network" fame, or as friends call it, "cooking with cleavage".    Far more riveting than any salt pile or freshly dented fender.    There are some 200 other options on my cable package.   I trust you, too, have choices, but many will spin the dial and watch non-stop snow stuff.    And, as long as the numbers are there, the coverage will continue.

      As will the beefing.


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