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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

How One Line Morphed Into A Huge Hollywood Role

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       Some stars get spotted waiting tables, others while sitting on stools at Hollywood diners.

       Eric Weiner had the hard part done--he already had a line in an episode of the hit cable series,  "The Sopranos".          Trouble is, it was JUST ONE line       Eric didn't curse his fate and gnash his teeth.   He did what any aspiring actor would do. 

       Eric went viral with a video about his moment in the sun (I came to find out after the initial posting that this probably isn't safe for work since he drops a few f-bombs and MF'ers toward the end--sorry for any inconvenience/embarrassment/untoward looks from the cubicle next door).



       He figures a half million people saw the video, with one of them being an exec with the new HBO drama "Boardwalk Empire" who shot Eric a call and asked him to read for the part of Agent Sebso, the sidekick of the ultra-creepy IRS agent Nelson.

       And, he got it.

       What's the old saying about Broadway light bulbs and broken hearts?   Eric Weiner is proof that energy, ingenuity, and a little dumb luck can go a long way, not just on the Great White Way but in Hollywood, too.

        The question now is: what next?   If you aren't up to speed yet on "Boardwalk Empire", let this serve as your spoiler alert and click away.

        Agent Sesbo died in the second-to-last episode of the season.   

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