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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Kitchen Validation

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       My late dad used to say, "We Muellers could buy a pair of laces and get stuck with two that only fit the left shoe."

       It's become a family mantra for we who follow him into the marketplace, a way of saying that no matter what we buy, chances are it's going to be busted/inferior/messed up when we get it home.    Granted, we've had our share of successes, but dad's words get fresh legs everytime we end up in the "refund" line, or sitting on hold waiting for customer support.

       When I get something right, I not only do a little happy dance (something you don't need to see) and share the good news with others.

       So it goes with the Whirley Pop Popcorn maker.




      I'm not given to the impulse buy, but I was at my local hardware store (Ace, if you're keeping score at home...and they aren't paying me for this plug) for ordinary household stuff when I stumbled upon a display of Whirley Pops at the end of an aisle.    Already an owner of an older, beat-up model, I picked up a new one for all of $15.

       My old Whirley Pop had been with my wife and I from pracitcally day one, chugging out flawless kernels minus Old Maids through many a movie night, ballgame, and munchie attack.   I wondered, though, as I drove home with the new model: will it be the same?  

      I'm glad to report that, despite some less-than-satisfying changes in construction, the Whirley Pop remains a fine stove-top popcorn-generating caldron.     I doubled back on the Interwebs for validation, and found this consumer report that echoes my findings.

       The Whirley Pop is a pot with a crank that stirs unpopped kernels and hot oil as heat is applied.     Simple, elegant, easy and fool-proof when the instructions are followed.     Best of all, the fruit of the Whirley Pop is far superior to ANY microwave variety we've ever sampled.  



        And, did I mention the part about the lack of Old Maids?

        I don't consider myself the sharpest knife in the consumer-advice drawer.    My last suggested purchase was the charcoal chimney for those of you who still prefer briquets to propane or other accelerants.    I heartily add the Whirley Pop to my truncated list of "suggested buys"   It's a great Christmas gift for the popcorn lover in your life.    It makes great popcorn.   It's even fun to use (kids can have an active part in the process, provided mom and dad are nearby).

        Pardon me now as I head to the kitchen to whip up a batch before tonight's Bucks game.    And, I need all the nourishment I can get.

        I'm off to buy a new pair of shoelaces tomorrow.



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