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       Steven Avery did the impossible.    He made Ken Kratz a sympathetic figure.

       The semi-literate convicted killer (Avery) wrote at least two Milwaukee TV stations (including Today's TMJ4) and a state agency claiming the deposed Calumet County D-A/accused "sexter" (Kratz) is the one who murdered Teresa Halbach (the crime Avery is doing life for).

       Avery offers no evidence, just proof that he's apparently allowed to watch TV news behind bars and can leap to fantastic, unfounded conclusions to achieve his ultimate goal of getting out of prison.

      May he never succeed.

      Avery obviously watched the breathless coverage of Kratz' fall from grace, starting with suggestive text messages the D-A supposedly wrote to a woman who was making a domestic abuse claim against a man Kratz was prosecuting.   Figuring that Kratz "sexted" young women, and that Halbach was young when she died,  Avery deduced that Kratz should be considered a suspect in the Halbach murder.   Kratz, it should be noted, is the D-A who prosecuted Avery.

     "He like young girl", Avery wrote.

     The claim is so pathetic and lame it doesn't qualify as news.    The letters draw attention only because they are so outlandish and lame.

     Let's remember who we're dealing with here:  Avery was a career crud before his murder conviction, but won public sympathy with his release from prison after doing years behind bars for a rape he was later cleared of.    Avery filed suit against Manitowoc County, seeking damages for the false conviction.    The legal action would be his defense when he was arrested for the Halbach murder, claiming he was being set up by local authorities who didn't want to see him reap a windfall in court.    His own nephew later detailed the gruesome slaying, saying he helped Avery not only kill Halbach but dispose of the body was well.    Brendon Dassey would later recant, but a jury convicted him anyway.    Avery and Dassey both remain in prison.

     Once again, the Halbach family has to listen to Avery's feeble allegations, and desperate attempts to show that he's the victim of judicial scales he claims are perpetually tipped against him.    It's hard to forget Dassey's mom, screaming at reporters the night her son was found guilty,  "I think the Halbachs set this all up.  I really do."   

     Ken Kratz was once thought of as a hero in the Avery case, the small-town D-A who put a suspected killer away.     That is no longer the case amid the allegations made by the domestic abuse victim and other women who've come forward with similar claims.   Kratz left as the heat grew, a fallen man now undergoing treatment.

     Avery is who we thought he was: a desperate and inarticulate murderer who, for a brief moment this week, injected himself back into our reality with outlandish claims and feeble, unprovable allegations.

      Let's hope this is the last time it happens.

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