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      For those of you who aren't breathlessly watching to see which Packer is the next to emerge from the Lambeau MRI with a season-ending injury, there's still baseball being played.

      Although between Wednesday and the weekend, it'll be hard to tell.

      The ALDS between the Rays and Rangers ended Tuesday night in Tampa with Texas advancing to meet the Wild Card Yankees.   Game one is Friday night with the opener of the NLCS between the Giants and Phillies happening Saturday.     The National League matchup was set Monday night when San Francisco ended Atlanta's playoff run giving the Giants and Phils the work week to luxuriate before starting a new playoff round.

      So why the big lag?

      What's more--there'll be at least another three day lull between the end of the NLCS and the start of the World Series.   That's if the Giants and Phils go seven games.    It'll be even longer if they don't.

      What all this leads to is a Fall Classic that's getting dangerously close to running into the Winter Solstice.    The World Series won't start until October 27th, the night AFTER the NBA season begins.   A seventh game, if needed, is set for November 4th.

       That's way too late.    Weather in the northern climes is dicey at best come this time of year--granted, this Wisconsin October has been one for the record books but the Brewers unfortunately weren't able to make it even sweeter by making the postseason and hosting a few playoff tilts at Miller Park.    Philadelphia and New York in November can be cold, wet, daunting places.    A few rain delays could push the Fall Classic even further back if either town (or both) make the cut.

        One of the wonderful things about baseball is that it moves at its own pace, with no clock involved.    Maybe that's why MLB is so hard-pressed to put the calendar to good use.     Some argue that the slate is already too long (games certainly are) but the regular season schedule won't be trimmed.    Start the year earlier by taking advantage of warm-weather venues and domed facilities in late March.    Remove these near-week-long-delays between the end of one playoff series and the start of another.    Wrap the season up by the end of October.    

       I know MLB wants to keep it's product in front of fans for as long as possible, but momentum gets lost and there's nothing fun about baseball in a 33 degree drizzle for fans or, more importantly, the players.    The game should be played in optimal conditions, at a time when baseball doesn't have to fight for attention with the NHL, NBA, NFL and NCAA .

       Or Christmas shopping.


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