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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Kinda Feelin' Like Less Of A Man

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      It's gonna be strange, not having Rudy in one of my bathrooms every day when I come home from work..

     He's been part of the family for at least a month, maybe longer, as he painstaking re-did two of 'em.    He was there each weekday as I came home from work: Rudy did the dry wall, ripped out old shower/tub combos, undid things the original builder did wrong (for whatever reason, the upstairs toilet was running on HOT water--honest!).   There would be the occasional surprise, a few setbacks, a delay or two but through it all, Rudy was a champ.  

      I'm not handy, and Rudy's skills drove that home with an exclamation point.   I can't hang sheet rock, you definitely don't want me around electricity and I'd be truly dangerous come time to sweat a pipe.     During the course of the two projects, I did what I do best: I stayed out of the way.    As Rudy did his magic, I was in the main cave watching whatever I'd DVR'd the night before, going for the occasional bike ride, cutting the grass.   And, feeling generally inadequate.

       I did make a couple of contributions to the effort.   I hung the toilet paper holder in the downstairs bathroom, but not without controversy as my wife second-guessed the location.     And, I secured a new halogen light bulb for the upstairs fixtures.    I napped for hours after completing each arduous task.

      I'd like to be able to hang light fixtures and NOT short-out the subdivision in the process.    It would be GREAT to install a toilet without creating a tsunami in the cul-de-sac.   It's not that I'm lazy.   It's just that  I'm afraid to even try, having been embarrassed too often in the past when I've tried assembling things from the store or putting toys together late on Christmas Eve.   Fear of failure combined with an absolute disdain for having to pay extra to un-do any damage I'd create by tackling an ambitious household project explains why Rudy spent the last couple of weeks in my bathrooms, and why he'll be back whenever the next big effort looms. 

      Some folks have the "handy" gene.    I'm just Un-handy Gene.

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