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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

A Comment About Comments

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      I thought you didn't like me any more.

      I kept cranking out blogs, then seeing a big fat "0" where it says "Comments" at the bottom of each new posting

      I always like reading what folks have to say, even from those who disagree.   This whole exercise is supposed to be a dialog, not a monologue.

      And the "0's" kept a-comin'.

      Ever gone a while and not had your cellphone ring, to the point where you actually call it to make sure it's still functioning?    That's what I did with the blog.   I finally decided to see what it would take to post a comment, and if it would show up if I did.

      "Login" or "Register Now" were my two choices, options I couldn't remember seeing before.   I asked the bosses and they told me that, yes, the protocols changed and readers are now required to jump through a few extra hurdles if they want to comment on our blogs.   

       I love the Internet but never liked the anonymity aspect where the gutless could say the meanest, most vile stuff without accountability.   Folks who read my stuff keep things civil, but the same can't be said everywhere else.    Registering and logging in are the prices we all have to pay because a few chuckle-heads can't play nice.

       Your comments are always welcome, and I'll appreciate them even more now that I know you have to take a few extra steps to post them.    That said, you can always send me what you think at my e-mail address:   I'll try to remember to post that at the end of all future entries, just to make it easier.    And, I'll try to share the pithier, more coherent stuff on occasion as well as those of you who choose to rip me a new one.

       The dialogue continues.


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