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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

What's Not To Like?

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      The earth is still on it's axis.

      The sun came up this morning in the east.   I'm reasonably sure it'll settle tonight in the west.

      All that, even though the first health care reforms kicked in September 23rd.

      Are you for "Obamacare" or against it?    Don't know.   Don't care.    All I know is that after reading through some of the major changes that were implemented last month, I'm liking more than a few.

1) Extending Coverage for Young Adults: as the proud owner of two of these, I'm glad other parents won't have to go through what we did with our daughter who practically had my company-provided coverage card ripped from her one hand as her other was accepting her St. Norbert diploma this spring.    She had a full time job to report to the next day, but no health coverage from her employer until just a few weeks ago.    In the interim, she scrambled for short-term coverage and hoped like hell she didn't get sick.   Now, folks like her are covered under mom and dad until they turn 26, if needed.

2) Free Preventative Care: new plans have to offer things like mammograms and colonoscopies without deductibles, co-pays or coinsurance.    Good with that.

3) It's no longer legal for insurance companies to rescind coverage if you get sick by trying to find technicalities through which the policy can be terminated.    Who's against that?

4) New policyholders get two ways to appeal coverage decisions from providers--through the insurers or via an independent decision-maker.     The only downside I see is that those of us who already had coverage when health insurance passed aren't in on this.

5) Insurance companies can't establish lifetime limits on key coverage, like hospital stays.   Again, the only bad thing is that those who were covered before don't get to enjoy this benny.

6) New restrictions on insurance companies' ability to set annual dollar limits on coverage for individual and group plans.

7) Children can't be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions.    Do you know a kid who DOESN'T have a pre-existing condition?

       Nothing there about "death panels".    No changes yet that have millions of Americans streaming over the border to Canada.     

      Many will tell you they know what "Obamacare" will do, and that none of it will be good for businesses, employees, patients or doctors.     Those people lie, as do those who see the health care reform package as a complete, problem-free panacea.     Truth is, NO ONE knows for sure just what the changes will do because they're still being sorted out--that, and the fact that the White House didn't do a very good job of dealing with the charges made by critics or the worries of we consumers.    

       Birds, though, are still migrating south as we speak and water still swirls in the same direction around the drain as it did before Congress okayed medical reforms.     Some change was needed.    These first ones fit quite nicely, thank you. 

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