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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

When Baseball And Hockey Collide

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      Who cares about a game between the lowly Washington Nationals and the Florida Marlins?    Not many , judging by the fans disguised as empty seats in Miami as the two teams did battle Wednesday night.

       But I can't get ENOUGH of the fight these two teams go into--a fracas that, unlike many baseball fights, had dudes tossing serious leather at each other.

        The bad blood began the night before when the Nats' Nyjer Morgan dislocated the shoulder of a Florida catcher during a play at the plate.    Morgan struck out in his first at-bat Wednesday, then got drilled in the butt his second time up and with the Fish leading 14-3.   Morgan promptly stole second AND third, further infuriating Florida.   

       This is what happened during Morgan's third a-b.




         Morgan apparently has a propensity for taking out catchers, and is being dismissed as pretty much of a punk by others, including bloggers for his hometown newspaper.

         We'll see what the Commissioner's office has to say about Morgan who apparently needs to be stopped before he seriously hurts someone.    There's aggressive baseball, and then there's being an idiot.  

         This call isn't even close.



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