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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Muskego Goes Against The Roundabout Flow

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     The people have spoken in Muskego and it would seem that it's one of the few communities that won't cave in to the state's quest to install roundabouts at virtually every intersection.

     Plans to put one in at Woods Road and Racine Avenue near Muskego High School appear to be dead after residents said they didn't want it.    The intersection gets traditional traffic lights instead.  

     I'm an admitted roundabout zealot--I love 'em--but I agree that some are better than others.    There's virtually no learning curve to the one we have at the intersection of 116th Street and Grange here in Hales Corners, but the two-lane pair along Moorland Road near I-43 give some locals fits, in large part because they've never seen such monstrosities and don't know how to navigate them (first rule: DON'T change lanes in the middle of one).

      Ask any cop, highway official, or city planner and they'll tell you roundabouts are safer.    Yes, accidents still happen in them, but they are almost always minor because you're driving at a lower speed.     Traffic flows better through a roundabout, compared to some major intersections in the area where red lights last so long that you stand a chance of missing a birthday.

      Bring up roundabouts at your weekend cookout and stand back--people won't necessarily come to blows, but you find very few people who are ambivalent.    Drivers either love 'em or hate 'em, and it's usually the older folks who are the most loudly opposed.

      I'm old, and I like 'em.    I think Muskego is making a mistake, but I don't live there.    And, I'm astonished that they apparently are going to successfully beat down a proposed roundabout.    Power to the people, I guess.



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