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  • Game On

    Mark Neumann is signaling very clearly that he is prepared to take on Tommy Thompson is a race for U.S. Senate. Here is the release:

  • Ryan gets More Support

    Interesting that this report appears on a Washington Post blog... but not a word from the local dead tree.

  • Bad Luck or Bad Faith?

    Charles Krauthammer on our "unlucky" president. Suffice it to say, he is not buying The One's excuses.

  • Doesn't She Know She Just Got Her Clocked Cleaned?

    Oh my. Defeated Dem recall candidate Shelley's Moore's "concession speech,' gives new meaning to the term "unhinged.'. Thank you to the voters of her district for not inflicting her on the state senate. Says Brian Fraley: This may be the most Bizarre post-election speech I've ever seen...Didn't anyone tell her she got her clocked clean, (58-42) that her union is laying off 40 percent of its staff and is planning on losing half of their membership? She holds up her hand, pretends to hold a cup, and says 'we are toasting for the people who cannot toast for themselves.'

  • Crony Capitalism Update

    Another story with a local angle broken by a national media outlet. This one deals with a prominent Madison business with close ties -- and conflicts of interest -- with the Obama Administration and Obamacare.

  • Union Thuggery Update

    Via Hotair: two stories. First, a non-union Michigan businessman is shot.... and in NY union activists declare "open season" on non-union workers.

  • Where's the Love?

    The swooning crowds? The adoring media (other than Ann Compton)? The throngs of dewy-eyed hopeandchangers? Where is the tingle? From the New York Times:

  • Walker: Run, Ryan, Run

    Add Governor Scott walker to the list of GOP bigs pushing Paul Ryan to run for president.

  • O Down to 26% Approval on Economy

    Brutal numbers for the one from the new Gallup poll.

  • The Two Tommy-Killing Sentences

    Some remarkable poll numbers on the Wisconsin senate race from PPP. In a head to head match-up, former Governor Tommy Thompson leads former Congressman Mark Neumann 47-39. But when they read respondents two simple sentences, the numbers dramatically flip -- and put Thompson 33 points behind Neumann, a 40 point swing. Those magic words?

  • Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Warning

    There are conspiracy theories and then there are over-the-top batcrap crazy conspiracy theories. Given the depths of Walker Derangement Syndrome, it's probably not completely unexpected that somebody would come up with the weird theory that Scott Walker was somehow behind the State fair wilding incident. But it's a bit odd that that it would appear on a blog sponsored by a once-major newspaper. Bottomline: the guy is nuts, but given the politicl climate don't be surprised if some folks don't buy into his tinfoil hat notion. From the website of the San Francisco Chronicle.

  • The Department of Failed Ideas

    Good read on the Magical Misery Tour.

  • Ryan for President?

    Maybe, says the Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes, who says Ryan is actively considering the possibility and cites his appearance on my show last week.

  • Schadenfreude Warning

    I know it's wrong to take satisfaction in the misfortunes of others... but the laments of the unionista left in Wisconsin is irresistible. Don't pay attention to the public spin; in private the mood is far more revealing. This is from the uber-progressive Mother Jones.

  • The System Works (Sort of)

    Charles Krauthammer opines on the lessons of this week's Wisconsin recall elections.

  • Paul Ryan on at 8:35 a.m. Friday

    We'll talk debt, the markets, the economy... and politics. In the 9 a.m. hour, I'll be joined by GOP recall candidates Kim Simac and Jonathan Steitz, who are trying to oust two of the more notorious fleebaggers Tuesday.

  • Best Read: Years of liberal dogma....

    ...have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalised youngsters. Must read from today's Daily Mail.

  • Mike Tate for DNC Chair

    Please. Just a quick refresher here:

  • The Recall Flaw

    We can endlessly debate the fairness and wisdom of Wisconsin's recall law. But here are some fascinating numbers: the two senators who lost Tuesday, received substantially MORE votes when they were first elected to a 4-year term than their opponents received in the recall. In other words, the recall allowed a smaller group of voters to negate the choice a much larger number of voters who cast ballots in a general election. In the case of Dan Kapanke, for example, 33,192 Tuesday votes were able to negate the votes of 45,154 voters who elected Kapanke to his current term. Here are the numbers:

  • This Is What Defeat Looks Like

    ... if you are a union boss who has dumped millions of dollars of dues money into a failed attempt to flip the Wisconsin State Senate.

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