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Email of the day:

 Sunday afternoon I received a phone call from someone claiming to be conducting a political poll. They asked me if I was 18 and then proceeded with the poll.

Halfway into the questioning I realized how biased the questions were starting to sound against  Scott Walker.  Only two candidates were mentioned. Walker and Mark Neumann. The pollster asked me to rate conservative talk show hosts Mark Belling and Charlie Sykes as to how reliable they were with their comments about Mark Neumann. I thought that was curious and wondered what it had to do with anything. They didn't ask me how reliable I thought the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel was for example.

The pollster also said that Neumann was endorsed by the Tea Party and Walker the repubs. It was when they asked who I’d vote for in the primary and then listed a long list of smears against Walker that I stopped the interview and asked who was paying for this poll and he refused to tell me claiming he didn’t know. It was obvious this poll was extremely biased and was a play to get me to dislike Walker and vote for Neumann. I also mentioned that as far as I was aware the Tea Party was not a political party and I wasn't aware of any endorsements they had made.
I asked “You mean you are conducting a poll and refusing to tell me who is paying for it?” He reiterated that they were an “independent” research group that lots of groups hired. 
I told him that it sounded to me like Mark Neumann was paying for this call and that I would contact some radio talk show hosts Monday and let them know about this poll and we’d find out who was paying for it. The number that the call came from was 262-671-4869. So I called  and it is a company called Venture Data Call Research. Notice on their website their comments about Push Polls.
They claim they do not do push polls but clearly they do indeed.

The caller asked me if the primary was held today if I would vote for Walker even though he was a career politician. Then followed a list of other accusations including that Walker raised taxes in Milwaukee, was a career politician and had to return some campaign money. It was very obvious that this was more of a campaign call and that any claims to it being a poll was a bunch of hogwash.

I used to like Mark Neumann. I've listened to interviews with him over the years and thought he was a decent guy. Boy was I fooled. I have been following some of the dirty campaign tactics he has been using and you know, I wouldn't vote for him for local dog catcher any longer. I don't trust someone that behaves in this manner. 
For the record I am not a republican nor a democrat. I do consider myself a conservative and vote for the person who most closely believes as I do. 

Doreen Zieger
Hartford, WI


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