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How about ACORN, Mr. Mayor?

Yesterday, Mayor Barrett launched his new initiative to help individuals in foreclosure – “Take Root Milwaukee

It's a classic Barrett "initiative," with a website as its centerpiece. But the website lists Barrett's "partners," one of whom is "Affordable Housing Centers of America" (graphic on right side of the screen).

Since the mayor is a past-master at closing his eyes to various forms of fraud, perhaps he isn't aware that, Affordable Housing is simply a new name for "ACORN Housing" -- the group with a rap sheet so lengthy even a Democratic Congress couldn't stand to be associated with it.

 Maybe Barrett simply wanted to give a shout out to ACORN  as a way to make President Obama feel more at home when he visits on Wednesday.... 


The state GOP is on it:

“Even Tom Barrett has to know ACORN’s reputation,” Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Reince Priebus said. “I don’t know what made him think this partnership was a good idea: the voter fraud, the prostitution scandal or the tax evasion.”

In 2006, four ACORN employees were indicted on charges of voter registration fraud. Three years later, a hidden camera caught ACORN employees advising how to hide prostitution crimes and avoid paying taxes.

As recently as February, 2009, one of Mayor Barrett’s programs in Milwaukee listed ACORN housing as one of their partners, a partnership that Barrett is apparently looking to continue with his new government program.

“Apart from the poor judgment of partnering with a group like ACORN in the first place, Barrett just doesn’t seem to get that Wisconsin is sick of this kind of thing,” Priebus said. “Sweetheart deals with the same old friends and government program after government program: we’ve had enough of this merry-go-round.”


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