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Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Chris Liebenthal, the hyper-active liberal hate-blogger is reportedly under investigation for misusing his county computer.

 Press release from the CRG Network this am:
MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee County District Attorney is investigating a Milwaukee County health department employee suspected of operating three political internet blogs during work hours.
“Wisconsin law prohibits public employees from using taxpayer resources for political purposes,” said Chris Kliesmet, executive administrator of the Citizens for Responsible Government Network. “A government employee running political blogs at work is clearly taxpayer-funded political activity. “
The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has taken possession of the government computer used by Christopher Liebenthal, a Milwaukee County employee who operates the three political blogs. Computer records show he was posting to his blog during work hours and possibly from taxpayer-funded computers. Orville Seymer, a CRG Network leader, filed the complaint.
“If he is guilty of bilking the taxpayers, Liebenthal should man up and quit,” said Kliesmet. “The taxpayers should not be subsidizing his campaign blathering on work time.”

"Liebenthal regularly whines about overworked, underappreciated government workers,” said Kliesmet, “but, he has time to write political columns at all hours of the day and night. This is may be one reason why people don’t think government workers have it so bad.”Liebenthal has been active in Milwaukee County First and AFSCME Local 48. He has blogged or maintained web pages for those groups as well as his own. Blogging under the name “Capper,” Liebenthal writes for two political blogs called Cognitive Dissidence and Whallah! Numerous political columns by “Capper” [Liebenthal] were posted during working hours.


This is how Liebenthal portrays himself on his blog:



The actual Chris Liebenthal:


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