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Message sent out by Wisconsin Utilities Investors over the weekend... Legislators who are about to kill thousands of jobs and pummel the state's manufacturing economy have no idea what is in this bill.

If you were spending $15 Billion, how careful would you be?

Tuesday, Democrat Leaders in the state Assembly came up with a brand new version of a 140 page global warming bill forcing a $700 million energy tax and over $15 billion in unnecessary energy costs on Wisconsin consumers and businesses.  They called a meeting to pass the bill with barely 24-hours notice.

When one of their own members complained that she hadn’t had time to consider the massive bill, they removed her from the committee.  How's that for democracy?  

That was Friday morning.

Now they have snuck the bill onto the Assembly schedule for Tuesday.  That’s right.  They will force 99-members to vote on a bill their own committee member didn’t understand.

What do we know about this bill?

-      It will cost 43,000 more Wisconsin residents their jobs.
-      Utilities warn it will force utility rates to rise from now until 2025.  
-      Utility rates will rise faster than the incomes of many Senior Citizens.
Those sound like some pretty good reasons to re-think this job killing bill.
Please contact your legislator right now by clicking the button below.  We have had enough of politicians forcing unpopular, expensive, unnecessary laws on us!
 Click the link below to log in and send your message:

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