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This is almost too goofy to constitute a smear, but it's not a pretty picture... Various versions of this email apparently went out this week:

 From: Derek Ellerman <>
Date: Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 8:32 PM
Subject: Re: Dear Mr Neumann

We are increasingly hearing a rumor that because of Mark’s recent and continued insurgence in the polls, and the mass defection of his donors to the Neumann campaign, Scott Walker is going to switch to the Lt. Governor ticket and support Mark Neumann for Governor. Since Mark has limited himself to two-terms, Walker will naturally run for the governorship in 2018.


This was the response I received this morning from Neumann spokesman Chris Lato:

This was an email sent by a couple of junior staffers that to my knowledge went to 3 people.

Mark respects that Scott has no plans to run for Lt. Governor. In fact, Mark received a gracious email from Scott last night that indicated Scott will not be running for LG.

Out of respect to Scott, Mark will see to it that this does not happen again.


Apparently, though, Neumann himself told a reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal that he had heard "rumors" that Walker was dropping out to run for senate.

Asked for comment, Walker spokesperson Jill Bader said:

>Ha, ok – Honestly it’s so ridiculous -  the only person talking about this “rumor” is Mark Neumann, to which I contend there should be mandatory drug testing for people running for Governor of Wisconsin.   You can even quote me on that.


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