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State Senator Lena Taylor sent this Legislative Alert!! out on Tuesday:

From:        "Sen.Taylor" <>
Date:        03/09/2010 10:05 AM
Subject:        Senator Lena Taylor Legislative Alert!  Health and Beauty Seminar

Health & Beauty Seminar

Saturday March 20th, 2010

Speaker: Elton Xavier Tinsley, M.D.

Every beauty topic Covered

Every Beauty question answered

This FREE seminar is hosted by:

Dr. Tinsley & Associates

Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Medicine

Chicago Naperville Milwaukee

Warren McIver Foot Clinics

Doors Open at 1pm

RSVP at 414-831-0025 with number of guests

Park Lawn Assembly of God Campus

Cup of Life Café     Refreshment$ Available

3725 N. Sherman Blvd. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Please See Attached Flyer!


Sheriff David Clarke Jr. comments:

Charlie let me see if I have this right.
Record high unemployment, record home foreclosures, a city where 25% of the population lives below the poverty level, leading the nation in teen pregnancy, worst 8th grade reading and math scores in the nation, a 41% high school graduation rate at MPS, disproportionate black incarceration rates, dysfunctional families without on scene fathers, leading the nation in infant mortality rates and high crime are all pathologies affecting people living in her state senate district and this is the best she can promote as a legilative alert using her government e-mail service? 
 She can't find a more urgent issue to call people together for like maybe an unemployment seminar with all the problems her constituents are facing?  Is this her idea of leadership?  If it is then she is either heartless or clueless about the problems her constituent are facing.  Her logic must be that even if you are dealing with all of the things I just listed, you can look good living in poverty.  
I thought leadership was about identifying and solving real problems.  When people refer to a leadership vacuum in the central city, I believe this is what they're referring to.
David Clarke

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