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 We had a genuine WTF moment yesterday when this came up.. a. truly dumb idea that has the added benefit of probably being unconstitutional as well.

A bill the Democrats are attempting to ramrod through the state legislature, Assembly Bill 751, would create a national popular vote for the U.S. presidency, essentially undermining the Electoral College.  The bill was introduced late February 15 and the Assembly Elections Committee scheduled a public hearing for February 17 at 1 p.m.  The legislature is pushing this dangerous bill through at breakneck speed.  AB 751 is part of a national effort to disenfranchise voters that is gaining ground at an alarming rate (with a troubling connection to the notorious liberal money-bags, George Soros).


This bill would authorize the State of Wisconsin to take part in an interstate compact with other states, pledging that our state’s electoral votes will go to the presidential candidate who wins, not the popular vote of Wisconsin, but the national popular vote.  If you think your vote is just one of many in the state right now, imagine what little impact your vote would have if it was only one of millions and millions of votes! With the Electoral College, your vote is a higher percentage of the total votes from the state and has a greater impact on the presidential election.  With a national popular vote, the states with the highest populations determine the president, and then Wisconsin is forced to ratify their vote, regardless of whether that candidate was the choice of the majority of Wisconsin voters.


State Rep. Scott Newcomer's lame explanation:


I am no longer in support of the bill. You are right that it does go around the constitution. It does keep the electoral college in place but weakens it to the point it is meaningless.

I pulled my name off of the bill yesterday and no longer support the idea. I rushed into putting my name on the bill and didn't do the proper due diligence upfront. I made a mistake and now I am going to fighting against it!

Thanks for the opportunity to explain!

Scott Newcomer

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