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This is going to be interesting (or at least as intyeresting as a primary for lieutenant governor can get)... Rebecca Kleefisch announces this morning she's running for the number two spot. Pretty radical idea: an articulate, conservative woman on the GOP ticket. Who'd have thought?


Entering Wisconsin's Lieutenant Governor Race - From My Kitchen Table from Rebecca Kleefisch on Vimeo.

Oconomowoc)-Former TV news anchor Rebecca Kleefisch announces her candidacy for Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor today. After being encouraged by many of Wisconsin’s business and political leaders, Rebecca announced she will seek the state’s second highest office on an agenda of “kitchen table common sense.”

          “This election is about ‘kitchen table common sense’,” Kleefisch said her announcement. “Wisconsin families make tough decisions around their kitchen tables every day, but government doesn’t seem to feel the same pressures you and I do.  When you’re in the middle of a recession, you don’t use accounting tricks to fake a balanced budget.  You balance it. You don’t tax and regulate businesses out of the state. You create ways for them to grow. And you sure don’t disregard the will of the people who want smaller, more accountable government. You pay attention.”

          The UW-Madison graduate and mother of two daughters says she’s running because she can’t afford to watch liberal politicians rob her kids of their futures.  She also has a clear vision for the role of the Lieutenant Governor.

          “The Governor is the CEO of the state,” Kleefisch said. “The Lieutenant Governor is the Marketing VP.  We need someone who understands how to craft compelling, articulate messages for why job creators should come to this state, start up in this state and expand in this state.”



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