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Oh my. Mike Tate triples down on his moments of political genius by actually sending out a fund-raising letter trolling for cash to back his unhinged screeds.

He's not backing down! He'll say it again! And again! O happy day!

Here, let me help:



Fellow Democrats,Contribute Now

Over the weekend I was asked to comment on the self described “tea baggers” who held an angry mob gathering in Milwaukee.

Here is what I said: "These are extremist elements pulling together, distinct vocal minorities that frankly don't believe in this country. They don't want to see more people have access to quality affordable health care; they don't want clean air and water. They fundamentally don't understand how the American government, economy and capitalism work."

I meant what I said, and I'm not afraid to say it again. 

Just because you throw the biggest temper tantrum doesn't mean you can silence the majority of Americans who want fundamental change in this country. 

History is riddled with examples of vocal fringe groups that have risen to oppose progress and success. From the red-baiting McCartyhyites to the Know-Nothings and the KKK, we have seen this story unfold many times in the past. Fueled by ignorance, racism and intolerance, these groups have done everything in their power to obstruct progress – often resorting to intimidation and violence.

We will not be intimidated, and we won't back down. 

This moment is too important. The American people voted for change in November, and our President is fighting to implement that change. We will not sit idly by while these extremists pretend to be mainstream Americans. Their views couldn't be any more out of touch with average, working people. 

One sign at the protest in Milwaukee over the weekend read “Obama, Osama: Both bombed the American people,” while right-wing, anti-worker pundit Michelle Malkin told those gathered “I've never been so proud in my lifetime to be part of this angry mob.”

What do Wisconsin Republicans think of this extremist rhetoric? As Republican candidate for Governor Scott Walker said over the weekend, “I'm with them.”

I have a message for Scott Walker and his extremist allies:  You will find out soon enough that Wisconsin is not with you. 

You and I know that hate speech and misinformation isn't what Wisconsin families need, and it's not what America needs. 

We need fundamental change in this country. And with your help the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will continue to fight back against this right-wing extremism.

Your gift of $5, $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford will help us cut through the incendiary rhetoric and move Wisconsin forward.

Together, we can rise above the scare tactics, temper tantrums, name-calling, and false claims to bring about the change we need. 

Mike Tate
Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin

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