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Doubling down on this weekend's moment of genius, the chairman of the state Democratic party issues this screed. Now Saturday's big rally is "hateful" and "fear-based," as well as (naturally) "extremist."

If the point was to hurt Scott Walker, I'm thinking it probably isn't going to do much damage.

MADISON – Scott Walker joined right-wing extremists in Milwaukee on Saturday to participate in a hateful, fear-based rally aimed at preventing progress for Wisconsin families. Walker was joined by right-wing commentator Michelle Malkin and known tax cheat Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher at the rally, which was sponsored by corporate-backed Americans for Prosperity.

“Scott Walker’s open association with radical, right-wing extremists further demonstrates the divisiveness of his politics,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate. “While Democrats in Wisconsin and across the country have debated important issues in a civil manner, Walker and others on the right have attempted to turn the debate into a shouting match.”

Although organizers claimed the protest was peaceful, one man was injured and taken to the hospital.* Other protestors used scare tactics, name-calling and false claims of socialism to get their point across.

“Wisconsin has a history of open and honest debate,” said Tate. “The fact that Scott Walker would endorse this behavior should be a clear sign to voters across Wisconsin that Walker is too extreme to represent them.”


* Memo to Mike Tate: the man was injured after taking a swing at cops. Your point?

PS Memo to Mike Tate: I'm not sure you should be throwing around terms like "known tax cheat" when your president's Treasury Secretary and your party's chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee are actual, real life, "known tax cheats." Just sayin'.


Here's the "extremist" speech that had Tate so worked up:



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