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An email from Sheriff David Clarke Jr.:


This afternoon Ald Donovan in an exercise of political courage called out Milwaukee's mayor and his colleagues for their failure to be able to achieve substantial results in making the City of Milwaukee a safer place.

Within a half hour of releasing the attached he came under attack from, no doubt, the black aldermen, and he e-mailed me asking for some support. He's one of the few at City Hall that keeps the pressure on Mayor Tom "everything is beautiful" Barrett and the rest of our dysfunctional city government....

My response to the elected officials from the Mayor on down, and including the Governor and several local state officials, is to tell them to stop posing for holy pictures and do something. Rome is burning!

Several weeks ago Governor Doyle made his customary periodic pilgrimage to the city to gather local, like-minded politicians to do what do-nothing-politicians do during a crisis; call a press conference to give the appearance that they are doing something, when in reality, they are frozen stiff because they do not know what to do and the best way to mask that is to stand before an accommodating local media who presses them on nothing and to say, "We're going to do everything we can." This group of inept politicians reminds me of the band that continued to play as the Titanic sank at the order of the Captain who thought it would take the passengers' minds off the fact that the ship was sinking. SOS to Doyle and Barrett; your ship is sinking.

I'm still waiting to see what the Governor has ACTUALLY done to stem the violence except to blame the gun. The same goes for Mayor Barrett and a dysfunctional City Council that continues to operate with one alderman running his aldermanic district from a prison cell in Dodge County.

Only Aldermen Bob Donovan, Jim Bohl and periodically Tony Zielinski have had the intestinal fortitude to tell Emperor Barrett that he's wearing no clothes.

In the photo frame was none other than State Senator Spencer Coggs. When Coggs is asked to appear at a news conference, I know that it is an all-star gathering of non-achievers. Coggs should wear a cloak of shame, for he has presided over the central city's collapse for over 20 years and did nothing to stop it. Twenty years ago, Milwaukee did not have the eighth highest poverty rate in the United States.

If Governor Doyle really wanted to help the City of Milwaukee, he should stop coming here. We already have an over abundance of underperforming politicians. My advice to him is to stay in Madison and sign property tax relief legislation for our over-taxed residents. If the police are no longer able to guarantee the personal safety of citizens, then reconsider your opposition to allowing law-abiding people the means with which to protect themselves. Yes, Governor, that means carrying concealed handguns.

Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr.

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