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Chris Moews Lashes Out at Talk Radio -- I Answer Him

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Well that touched a nerve. 

Earlier this week, we reported that the radical immigrant rights/unionista group Voces de la Frontera Action had gone all-in to back Chris Moews's primary challenge of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. Voces claimed that "Lt. Moews has vowed to join hundreds of other cities across the country if elected, and refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials on ICE holds that jail undocumented people senselessly and arbitrarily." 
Clarke fired back, saying that this could turn Milwaukee County into a "de facto sanctuary county." The issue recieved extensive coverage on talk radio, including my show.
The response? On Wednesday,  Moews lashed out at talk radio, releasing an open letter addressed to Mark Belling, Jay Weber, Jeff Wagner... and me. Oddly enough, despite the fact that this is his second run for sheriff, this is the first communication of any kind that I have received from Moews. 
But it certainly suggests what kind of sheriff we could expect. His letter is long on invective and spin, remarkably short on substance or specifics.
In the letter he tries to distance himself from his Voces-reported position... without actually doing so. (Voces also is rushing to walk back its statement.)
In his "open letter" to Milwaukee talk show hosts Moews writes:
Let's be clear, I have the same position as the Milwaukee Police Department on immigration. First of all, if someone commits a crime, whether violent or not, from assault to murder, from burglary to car theft, we should do everything we can to hold them accountable. If someone is undocumented and commits a crime, after they serve their sentence in Wisconsin, they should be deported.
However, I don’t think we should be doing the federal government’s job for them, especially under this broken immigration system. It has a real impact on solving crimes and helping victims if undocumented persons refuse to cooperate with police because they think we’re just an extension of ICE. When it comes to witnesses and victims, I don’t think we should be worrying about their immigration status unless it has a direct bearing on the case. For example, an undocumented person on the street shouldn’t worry about cooperating if they witness a mugging. We want victims of robberies and domestic abuse to speak up to stop offenders. Witnesses and victims should feel able to help police, and not worry that local cops are doing the job of federal agents.
But this is anything but clear. Moews pointedly does not deny the claim from Voces that he would refuse to cooperate on ICE holds and fails to answer obvious questions about what he would do as sheriff.
So I asked him. Last night, I wrote Moews:
Dear Mr. Moews:
Thank you for your letter. it was quite revealing, although not really illuminating. You also challenge us to "accurately portray" you position. But in order to do so, you need to answer several questions:
1.  You suggest that some hosts (including me) have been lying about your position. Could you please document a statement I have made that you believe to be a" lie." Please be specific.
2. According to Voces, "Lt. Moews has vowed to join hundreds of other cities across the country if elected, and refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials on ICE holds that jail undocumented people senselessly and arbitrarily." 
Is this true? Yes or no.
3. Will you abide by the agreement called 287G in whole, or only in part. Please be specific what information you would decline to share with ICE.
4. Would you honor ICE holds or detainers? In what cases would you refuse all, or merely some? Specifically what current [practices would you change or discontinue?
5. Would you allow ICE access to the sheriff's arrest booking log. Please answer yes or no.  
6. When did you tell Voces that you had "vowed" to "refuse to cooperate" with federal IC officials?
7. Have you made this promise in any public forum? Or in any media interview? Or was your vow to ignore federal law a private pledge to the activist group? Please provide documentation.
I look forward to your prompt reply as I intend to address this on Thursday's program.
As of this morning, I received no response, but check back later once Moews has had a chance to run this by his handlers.


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