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Billionaire's Son Agrees: Stop Whining and Pay Up, Milwaukee!

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Posted at RightWisconsin.

Alexander Lasry likes it: "Stop whining and pay the arena freight, Milwaukee." 

Lasry is the son of billionaire Marc Lasry, one of the two new prospective owners of the Milwaukee Bucks. A former White house aide, Alexander Lasry has taken to Twitter to drum up support for his dad’s new venture here.

But he seems especially enthusiastic about this piece, which ridicules opposition to tax increases here, and suggests that Milwaukeeans pay up so his dad can have a new arena. 

In the article retweeted by Lasry, OnMilwaukee Sports editor Jim Owczarski  says he can’t understand why anyone would object to higher taxes, since "stuff is cheap here."

People get all worked up over the idea of a tax, than the actual number itself. Let's be real. If you're buying a $30,000 car, an extra $200 or whatever it comes out to isn't a big deal in the scheme of it. Do a better job negotiating that out of your final price if you're that upset by it.

Of course, the sales tax is considered a regressive tax since it hits lower income consumers relatively harder.  But Owczarski says it is all worth it.


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