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What's The Matter With Mary Burke's Jobs Plan?

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We have some quick thoughts on the "jobs plan" belatedly released Tuesday by Democrat gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke:
* Same old pap. Recycling isn't just for plastic bottles anymore; it apparently also works for worn out, tired ideas. Even flaky Brett Hulsey calls Burke's plan  "long on fluff, short on specifics." Yes, we get the irony.
* Most of Burke's ideas start  from the philosophy that government can direct the economy instead of the philosophy that government should get out of the way of the free market.   Despite a long history of failures, folks like Burke are still relying on central planners instead of the free market.
* Speaking of start ups.  She cites Trek in her start up section.  How did Trek ever make it without government welfare?   Most start up success stories occur in spite of government not because of it. Yet she is all in on government directing the economy and picking winners and losers.
* Does Mary Burke really want to be talking about outsourcing? Really?
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