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Sheriff David Clarke: Newspaper Continues Assault on Women and Minorities

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At RightWisconsin, Sheriff David A. Clarke takes on the local newspaper's latest hit on him.

Yesterday’s above the fold, front page, devoid-of-fact story about me, again demonstrates this lame-stream media agenda-driven vendetta against any local elected official that dares not tote the liberal agenda line….
The story that appeared in Monday’s edition about a black female command staff member was in fact neither new, nor true. I ordered the investigation and referred it to the district attorney’s office for criminal charges. They made a determination that what she engaged in was not criminal. 
Captain Nancy Evans has not been promoted after this, and she received a demotion from the rank of Major. 
Second, a transfer in assignment is NOT a promotion. I move command officers around frequently.
Bice and Diedrich know that transfers in assignments are not promotions, but why let the facts get in the way of a story? Drama and sensationalism have more value to this liberal rag than accuracy. Journalistic integrity and the Sentinel Journal should never be mentioned in the same sentence. 
Bice once told me that, "editors like to insert Clarke’s name in the headline because they know people will read it." That they have to cajole people into reading their newspaper is telling. What in Monday’s story is new? Once again, the Sentinel Journal has dragged out the circumstances surrounding Captain Evans in order to recreate a new narrative out of an old story. By doing so they have abdicated their responsibility to be accurate, fair, unbiased and truthful all because they cannot get me, (the black conservative sheriff, no less), back on the plantation of liberal orthodoxy. 
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