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Grinding at the School Dance: Mimicking Sex (While Clothed)

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Former State Representative Michelle Litjens chaperoned a high school dance and came dismayed by the new norms.

Remember high school dances? The boys standing on one side of the gym, the girls dancing and jumping around in the middle until a slow song is played and then kids partner up and sway from side to side till the song ends?  Remember those dances? 
If you think high school dances are the same as 20 years ago, get ready for some shocking news.  After witnessing Homecoming last fall I thought this kind of dancing can’t be real and I tried to forget what I saw.  Then, this weekend, was another dance. The only way I can describe it is an orgy with clothes on. And that is an understatement.
Think I’m over exaggerating? Take a look. 
This is in every school, in every state. Yes, that means your kid's school too.
Let’s start with dance attire today. Boys are in the typical dress pants, shirt and tie. The girls on the other hand, now that’s different than in years past.  The predominant dress is now spandex/knit just long enough to cover their rear ends. Many times these little dresses were strapless too so that’s what, maybe 30 inches of body hugging fabric?
The big change is that kids don’t "dance" today. They grind. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. Grinding consists of girls putting their butts on the crotches of boys and making the figure eight motion. 
What teenage boy is going to say no to that?  Sometimes girls have their hands on their knees, sometimes they put their hands on the ground. Better yet, girls grind on other girls too. And many times during the night they form grinding lines where 30-40 kids stand in line all grinding on each other.
Read the rest of Litjens' piece at

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