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Scott Walker's Achilles' Heel

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In the wake of Welder-gate, Green Bay talk show host Jerry Bader identifies what he believes is Gov. Scott Walker's Achilles' Heel.

Bader posted on

A quick digression from my larger point; many callers and emailers to my show Friday felt Walker may have been too quick to declare Barber toxic. They argued that Barber had served his time and showed that even someone with his record could get a good job in the Walker economy and improve on that job once in it. A debatable point, but one thing is clear; had Walker known of Barber’s past he never would have been chosen to be among the workers onstage. Walker seemed to exonerate his team of any wrongdoing by saying it was reasonable to assume Barber had been vetted by Ariens. The deadly word there is "assume." 
And I believe if Walker doesn’t become more selective with whom he surrounds himself it will limit his future political potential. If you don’t think this is a serious problem just ask Chris Christie (assuming he’s telling the truth about his non-involvement in "Bridgegate").
A friend instant messaged me while I was discussing this on-air that whoever it was within the Walker administration that failed to make sure Barber was vetted should be fired. I agree. When a blogger punked Walker in a now infamous phone call pretending to be a Koch brother, somebody should have been fired immediately. Yes, Walker has jettisoned people when they’ve become a liability.
Walker campaign deputy finance director Taylor Palmisano was fired after it was learned she had posted tweets two years earlier that were demeaning (some would say racist) to Hispanics. And that was after she sent a completely moronic fundraising email. In May 2013, Walker campaign spokeswoman Nicole Tieman resigned without explanation, but it was later learned she was serving a 20-day jail sentence on a second OWI.
And you could argue that an element of questionable judgment with those he surrounds himself was responsible, in part, for John Doe 1.0. These types of eruptions could be fatal in a presidential campaign and it’s widely believed Walker has his eyes on 2016. As a friend said to me; imagine if the Barber incident happened as part of a Walker for President Campaign event. 
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