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State of the State: Then... and Now

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Governor Scott Walker's State of the Union speech last needs to be put in context: 
Wisconsin's economy is growing at such a rate that it has produced a significant revenue surplus that he now proposes to use to bolster the rainy day fund and cut taxes by more than $800 million. The legislature will now tie itself into knots debating which taxes to cut and by how much.
Compare this to the economy and the debates we were having here just as few years ago. And because I wonder how many voters remember those days -- and the magnitude of the state's change in fortunes, I thought it might be worthwhile to reprint this piece we published last November.
Back in March 2009, I wrote a piece for Wisconsin Interest magazine that was more or less modeled on William Allen White’s famous "What’s the Matter With Kansas?" Updated and localized, but still using some of White’s rhetoric, I asked the same question about Wisconsin. 
Four years later, it’s useful to remember where we were back in the waning days of the Jim  Doyle Era.
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