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Mary Burke Doesn't Think Wisconsin is a High Tax State

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At, Collin Roth exposes what Mary Burke really thinks about the tax climate in Wisconsin.

In a speech to Madison liberals, Mary Burke tipped her hand on taxes.
Former Trek Bicycle executive Mary Burke, who served as the state's commerce secretary under Governor Jim Doyle, is Walker's likely Democratic opponent. 
"If you look at, overall, all the money that state and local governments bring in from the people of Wisconsin, we're more in the middle," Burke told a gathering of Madison's East Side Progressives on Sunday night. 
Burke was responding to a question from someone at the meeting who asked how she planned to win over more conservative, anti-tax voters. 
"In terms of a state, we're not a high tax and fee state," she said.
Burke did not take a position on tax cut proposal anticipated to come in the Governor's speech this week. 
Not a high tax and fee state? That quote will haunt Mary Burke throughout 2014.
First, Burke avoided taking a position on the $912 million revenue surge, the number one issue facing state government. Deferring on this question is a clear signal that Burke's strategists haven't yet crafted a way to spend the money.
Second and more important, Mary Burke doesn't think Wisconsin is a "high tax and fee state." 

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