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Did my colleague get snagged by the John Doe fishing net?

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The latest John Doe fishing expedition/witch hunt has been used to smear and intimidate conservatives by creating a climate of suspicion.

Included as a target of this smear campaign was none other than my colleague, RightWisconsin's managing editor, Brian Fraley.

He was on his way to deer camp two months ago and found out he was actually a part of the witch hunt.

Who put him there? What happened and how is he responding?

It's a chilling read. And it's available, for free, here.

Here is a snippet:

Honestly, even though I've done nothing wrong, I wasn't welcoming the execution of a search warrant at my home. I freely admit I did not relish the thought of explaining to my daughter why strangers would be in our house the same time we've been explaining to her how to trust the police but stay away from strangers. Nor did the prospect of the overall hassle excite me. 
As we know from the Wall Street Journal reports, at least three actual targets in the probe were subject to pre-dawn raids of their homes. As if they were terrorists or drug dealers, their homes were scoured while they and family members were detained during the searches.
The secret Doe cast its net so wide it reportedly included 29 separate conservative organizations. Now a reporter was suggesting that it might even extend to conservative media outlets, or at least to me? Even though the judge quashed several subpoenas last week, the probe is still ongoing and perhaps more could be issued.
Such a move would certainly be puzzling however--for many reasons. In my position at RightWisconsin/Journal Broadcast Group, clearly I work every day with sources and tips and confidential communications just like any other professional engaged in a journalistic endeavor. But we don't engage in campaign-related activity (regulated or otherwise). 

Read the rest. Fraley's piece is not just about his situation, but an indictment on the investigation itself and the role of the over zealous prosecutors and their allies in the mainstream media.

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