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5 Ways President Obama Will Try to Salvage 2014

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Kevin Binversie ends the year with a look at how President Obama and the Democrats will move to put the troubles of 2013 in the rear view mirror.
While not a wave election (yet), there is little to indicate that the 2014 midterm elections will be a good one for Team Donkey. 
ObamaCare has become a liability for not just President Obama, but the entire liberal ideological spectrum. It has almost by itself, destroyed the belief that progressives tell themselves as they socially engineer four-fifths of the known universe – that government can get the job done. 
As we’ve seen since 2010, it hasn't’ and has only made the problems in the U.S. health care system remarkably worse. 
So Obama true believer, you've just seen Year Five turn into a disaster and you've got three years to make things right before your guy forever joins that list of "Disaster Presidencies" you worked so hard for eight years ensuring George W. Bush ended up there. How do you try to get things back on track?
Well, if Democrats and liberal pundits followed the advice they've given the GOP since 2012, they’d admit their mistakes, reassess their policies, and move to the middle. 
But come on, this is "Progressivism" we’re talking about here. Rule one is double-down and blame someone else for your losses. 
That appears to be the agenda for 2014 from the White House. The only direction their game plan calls for is heading stage-left.
1. Treats for the base are coming.
With much of the world leaving Obama behind, they will need to reach out to the hardcore left-wing base as they try to reestablish their footing. Expect to see giveaways in executive orders to environmental groups such as the cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline and more stringent regulations from the EPA.
2. Podesta is not there to make nice; he’s there to save a presidency.
John Podesta was once Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, particularly during the final years when impeachment and investigation rocked it to the core. He is often credited with being the steady hand at the wheel. Expect him to do more of the same in his new...Read the rest of this insightful piece.

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