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John Doe Update: Where is J.B. Van Hollen?

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So, where is J.B. Van Hollen?

The Wisconsin Reporter  broke the news last week that Wisconsin Attorney General J. B Van Hollen’s Justice Department has agreed to represent judges overseeing the John Doe investigation into the operations and finances of major conservative organizations. The Wisconsin DOJ will be representing reserve Judge Gregory Peterson, Rock County Judge James P. Daley, Judge Jeffrey Kremers of Milwaukee County, Judge James Duvall of Buffalo and Pepin counties, and Wood County Chief Judge Gregory Potter.

James Wigderson writes:

State statutes do allow the Attorney General to, "compromise and settle the action as the attorney general determines to be in the best interest of the state." The statutes also state the Attorney General can, "Consult and advise with the district attorneys when requested by them in all matters pertaining to the duties of their office."
But instead of taking advantage of the golden opportunity to determine whether the latest John Doe fishing expedition has any basis other than the zealotry of an assistant district attorney from Milwaukee, Van Hollen punted.  There was no review that we've been informed of. No questioning of the probe’s purpose. Just cooperation.
Read the entire column, here.

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