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What I Really Told Dan Bice About the John Doe

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Posted at Right Wisconsin

Over the weekend, columnist Dan Bice explored the question: why are conservatives, who were so passive during the first John Doe, now  pushing back on John Doe II? 

He asked me for an on-the-record comment and I responded.
Here is what appears in Bice's story:
Talk show host Charlie Sykes, who has criticized the current investigation on air and on his website, said many conservatives believe the first John Doe probe was tainted by political bias. Sykes' showairs on WTMJ-AM (620), which is owned by JournalCommunications, as is the Journal Sentinel.

Among other things, Sykes said, the chief investigator had a Walker recall sign in his front yard; a local businessman was jailed by prosecutors before eventually being cleared; and 43 staffersin the Milwaukee County district attorney's office signed Walker recall petitions.

"It's the cumulative effect of the Does aimed just at conservatives," Sykes said via email. "There is also a sense that they no longer trust the Doe process to be either secret or fair."

Bice did not misquote me or take me out of context. In fact, he was kind enough to fix a typo in the email response I sent him and I think his handling of my comments was quite fair.


But I had somewhat more detailed comments. So here is my email exchange on the story, including my full answers.


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