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A Case of Prosecutorial Abuse that Really Targets All Conservatives

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So where does Mike White go to get his reputation back? The last year of his life? The legal bills he paid out? The months of anxiety? 
It was fully a year ago that the Democrat District Attorney of Milwaukee County announced that it would investigate whether White, the CEO of Rite Hite, has violated state law by sending employees an email warning them of the consequences of an Obama re-election on the company’s bottom line and their paychecks.
At the time, the decision by our political DA to publicly launch an investigation of White seemed outrageous...
Fast forward almost a year.
Nearly a year after the top executive of a major Milwaukee company warned employees of the financial perils they faced if President Barack Obama was re-elected, the Milwaukee County district attorney's office has determined his comments did not violate elections law.
It would be interesting to know when Landgraf made his "determination" and why it took so long for him to exonerate White.  But so far, there is no explanation for the length of what now looks like a witch-hunt.  (This is not Bruce Landraf’s first trip to the rodeo:  just ask Andrew Jensen, a businessman who was jailed without any charges during the endless John Doe and later exonerated; the Harley dealer who was harassed by Landgraf; or the Walker aides whose homes were raided.)
In the case of White, no charges were ever issued and the DA eventually...

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