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UW Grad Student's EPIC Rejection of Indoctrination

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According to the College Fix, University of Wisconsin Madison graduate student Jason Morgan bucked the administration last week when he refused to attend a mandatory "diversity training" class for Teaching Assistants (TA).

The reason? Morgan objected to the Left-wing indoctrination and was called a "racist" for his objections.
The College Fix explains:
The letter, sent by email Sept. 22, states all new TAs in the university’s history department are required to attend one orientation session, two training sessions, and two diversity sessions. Morgan, in his letter, called the first of the two diversity sessions, held Friday, "an avalanche of insinuations, outright accusations, and suffocating political indoctrination (or, as some of the worksheets revealingly put it, 're-education’) entirely unbecoming a university of our stature."
Below Morgan’s letter has been reproduced in its entirety. Morgan, a College Fix contributor, also sent copies of the letter to various Wisconsin news outlets:


Read the whole thing here.

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