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Bombing Syria

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Our Collin Roth asks: "As President Obama prepares to launch another war, is it possible that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is having some buyer's remorse?"
Four years since being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, President Barack Obama has increased drone strikes across the Middle East at a pace that is eight times that of the Bush Administration - launching an estimated 379 drone strikes that have killed around 2,895 militants and as many as 233 civilians in Pakistan, Yemen, and the Horn of Africa.
In 2010, President Obama surged American forces in Afghanistan in an attempt to "win" the war before a 2014 withdrawal. The result was fierce combat that has claimed the lives of 1,636 Americans and a strategy that will leave a fractious country in the hands of corrupt government fighting a resurgent Taliban. Hardly victory.
In 2011, the United States participated in air and missile strikes in Libya in a what is largely successful attempt to assist rebels in overthrowing Col. Gaddafi. Oc course, President Obama saw no need to seek congressional authorization for these strikes and was even out of the country when the war started. Read more.
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