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Enviro-Activists Vow To Make Mine Owners "Cower in Fear"

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The folks at the Wisconsin Reporter have more on the escalating tension in Wisconsin's North Woods:

The mining company, which has spent more than $350,000 lobbying legislators to ease the state’s mining regulations, recently hired private security guards to patrol the northern Wisconsin site where it hopes to build a projected $1.5 billion iron ore mine.
That added cost of doing business seems to be just what anti-industrialization, environmental group Earth First! intended.
"Making the preliminary stages of this mine as expensive as possible to send a clear message to financiers that this is an extremely risky investment is one strategy that was being pursued in the following action," a blogger writing under the name "some wild coyotes" wrote on the Earth First! news site.
The blog recounted 15 protesters wearing bandanas for masks, building barricades to block police response to a planned protest. The blogger wrote that protesters jumped "on trucks and the collection tank and threw pieces of equipment like pickaxes, fire extinguishers, and shovels down the hillside into the thick of the woods. Fences were knocked over and broken and personal cigarettes were raided out of one of the company vehicles as workers and the manager stood in awe."
Welcome to Wisconsin, where court rulings and legislation have taken the backseat to, at times, violent political demonstrations led by protesters who insist "this is what democracy looks like."
GTAC, as the mining company is known, brought in security guards weeks after the June 11 protest that ended with the arrest of Katie Kloth, or Krow, as she’s referred to on anti-mining websites. Kloth is accused of taking a geologist’s cell phone and camera. She faces a felony charge of robbery with the use of force and misdemeanor charges of theft and two counts of criminal damage to property.
The group aimed to hit GTAC where it hurts: the company pocketbook.
"We were able to inflict damages upon the company in the form of an entire day of labor costs through the disturbance and subsequent police reports that their workers had to spend their shift doing, as well as shatter their sense of security," the blogger wrote.
"Another outcome of the protest is that Gogebic Taconite will be forced to hire private security for the company contracted to do exploratory drilling in the Penokee Range …. May the costs continue to be imposed and may the security guards and mining managers cower in fear."

Read the rest.

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