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Security Guards at Mine Site Prompt Massive Freak Out

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Brian Fraley reports:

It took liberal hysteria over legally-armed security guards at the GTac mining site to get Wisconsin Senator Bob Jauch seriously concerned over the conduct in the Penokee Hills. 
He reacted to reports that surfaced on several liberal websites Monday that showed armed personnel at the exploratory drilling sites.
In a letter to Goegebic Taconite President Bob Williams, Jauch and State Representative Janet Bewley, a fellow Democrat, poured it on thick.
"We are calling on you to immediately remove the heavily armed masked commando security forces currently hired to protect your company’s property in the Penokee Hills. The images are horrifying and the action by the company to hire this high security Arizona firm is appalling. These kinds of security forces are common in third world countries but they don’t belong in Northern Wisconsin. 
"We cannot begin to describe how upset the citizens of Northern Wisconsin are at the sight of our forests being patrolled by masked soldiers carrying military style assault weapons like mercenaries in a time of war."
Notice the disdain the duo show for a law-abiding, job-providing business in their districts. The Northern Wisconsin lawmakers and mining opponents expressed no such outrage when eco terrorists attacked the work site, damaged property and harmed a GTac employee, or while their allies bragged about the assault.
Charges, including a felony, have been filed in that case. Unlike the masked eco-terrorists, the GTac guards are not committing any crime.


See the Jauch/Bewley letter and read the rest of Fraley's report:

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