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The Bizarre Neo-McCarthyite Attack On Sheriff David Clarke

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Posted on RightWisconsin.

The local media’s disdain for Sheriff David Clarke’s pro-gun advocacy has, by now, been pretty well established. 
But Journal-Sentinel reporter/columnist Dan Bice has brought an Inspector Javert-like doggedness to the anti-Clarke narrative. While ignoring much of Clarke’s substantive critique of crime, guns, and self-defense, Bice has several times now written about Clarke’s "ties" to individuals or groups who Bice clearly thinks are "fringe" extremists. This apparently includes anyone who has ever said anything nice about Clarke, given him an award, or even merely had him as a guest on a show. 
"Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. must hope that he's not judged by the company he keeps."
What follows is yet another tortured (even by Bice’s standards) attempt to establish Clarke's guilt by association. Bice's weekend piece is a lengthy retelling of the widely circulated story about conspiracy-theorist Alex Jones’s bizarre 5-minute appearance on a BBC news show. Jones is admittedly one very strange and repellent dude, as Bice makes clear:
During the five-minute segment, Jones jumped from one loopy idea to another.
He said the creation of the euro currency was a "Nazi German plan" and that the Bilderberg members are "puppeteers above the major parties." He said the U.S. government is building Federal Emergency Management Agency concentration camps and uses the National Defense Authorization Act to "disappear people."
But what does this have to do with Milwaukee’s sheriff? 
And why would this somewhat stale story (the incident occurred June 9; Bice’s piece is dated June 22) merit a write-up in the local paper?
The story is not about anything Clarke has ever said or done. Clarke does not espouse Jones’ views. Clarke doesn’t belong to any organization that espouses those views. So what is Clarke’s "tie" to Jones? 
Bice strains to explain:
Earlier this year, Clarke warned of a "second American Revolution" over guns during an appearance on the radio show hosted by conspiracy peddler Alex Jones. Clarke stood by his decision to spend 20 minutes commiserating with Jones on air about gun control and government overreach.
" didn’t know I needed your approval," Clarke said in an email. "When did people stop being entitled to their opinion?"
And that is it.
Bice’s piece is not merely a one-off hit on Clarke, it’s removed by at least two degrees of separation: a guy who once interviewed Clarke for 20 minutes is nuts, so that must reflect on Clarke. 
This is an interesting new standard from a writer who used to be a colleague of Graeme Zielinski and has been a guest on Sly Sylvester’s radio show (see what I did there?) 
Read the rest here...


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