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Happy Anniversary to You

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We asked several prominent conservatives in Wisconsin to share their thoughts on the one year anniversary of Governor Scott Walker's recall victory.

Here's a smattering:

James Wigderson

We tend to think of Walker’s victory in terms of what it means in Wisconsin, but it meant "hope" nationally to the conservative movement. November’s elections would cruelly crush some of that hope, but the dream lives on in Michigan, Indiana, Louisiana, and elsewhere, that limited government can stand up to the forces of Leviathan.


Rose Fernandez

Now that WEAC has to earn its members, the bully has been put in its place.  More and more, WEAC is shrinking. Union overreach has given way to empowerment of our local school boards and school administrators.  
And that is very good for the little guys – the boys and girls in Wisconsin schools.
Brian Sikma
The recall of Governor Scott Walker had exactly the opposite effect of what was intend by the Democrats and liberal groups who started it. Instead of battering Walker, it strengthened him and enhanced his political capital both inside and outside of Wisconsin. The recall turned Scott Walker from just another up-and-coming GOP governor into a much-talked-about national conservative figure armed with solutions and a history of taking on the Left. Liberals will no doubt continue to regret their decision to ever push for Walker's recall.
Tamra Varebrook
The recall victory anniversary is worth a mention, nothing more.  The current budget increasing government/spending 6% is shameful and that should be the focus of all conservatives right now.  We should be standing bythe REAL11 Wisconsin Conservatives trying to fight for spending cuts and less government! Conservatives kept Governor Walker in office last year because of the BOLDNESS of Act 10.  This is NOT a bold conservative budget so contrary to some messaging, I personally do NOT think this will help 2014 re-election.
Kevin Binversie
Maybe I'm overly too cautious on things, but I'm not exactly sure why the state GOP is even holding its big anniversary event over at the Country Springs. If the governor is going to use it as a launching pad for his 2014 re-election, that's one thing.  If it is nothing more than a celebration of the events of last year, I'll pass. For starters, no one likes bragging.  It can be a real turn off to independent voters who may have been voting in the recall election last year just to end the madness started by the other side.  They just wanted their state out of the limelight.

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