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A Time for Choosing

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Today I pose a question for State Senator Alberta Darling and others who believe the tentative School Choice deal is a good one.
Meanwhile, as most of the attention in Madison has focused on divisions within the Senate GOP caucus - and the need to placate Mike Ellis and his caucus of fellow RINOs - conservatives in the Assembly have been doing a slow burn.
Yesterday, 11 of them signed an open letter saying that as a group "we cannot both represent our constituents and our conservative principles by supporting the budget in its current form." They list a series of objections ranging from taxes, to bonding, to DNA collection to spending. Republicans enjoy a big majority in the Assembly, but they cannot lose 11 votes and still pass a budget, so the conservative revolt creates a thorny political dilemma for legislative leaders.
As I have said, that's actually good news: Given the cave-in on school choice and rumors of an impending surrender on tax cuts, it's obvious that Madison desperately needed an effective counter-balance to the politics of appeasement. 
Will their stand make a difference? 
Importantly, what's your opinion? How should they proceed?
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