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Obamacare Train Wreck Update: Get Ready For Bare Bones Plans

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Posted at RightWisconsin:


Well, this will come as a nasty surprise.  Veronique de Rugy highlightsnew reports suggesting that Christmas morning could come as a rather nasty surprise for folks expecting  "robust" health insurance policies under Obamacare.
She notes that "While, in theory, Obamacare requires that employers with 50 or more workers must offer coverage to their workers or pay a penalty, the law may only mandate the provision of what amounts to very light coverage." 
 The Wall Street Journal explains:
Benefits advisers and insurance brokers—bucking a commonly held expectation that the law would broadly enrich benefits—are pitching these low-benefit plans around the country. They cover minimal requirements such as preventive services, but often little more. Some of the plans wouldn’t cover surgery, X-rays or prenatal care at all. Others will be paired with limited packages to cover additional services, for instance, $100 a day for a hospital visit.
Federal officials say this type of plan, in concept, would appear to qualify as acceptable minimum coverage under the law, and let most employers avoid an across-the-workforce $2,000-per-worker penalty for firms that offer nothing. Employers could still face other penalties they anticipate would be far less costly.

So, wait, there's no pony under this pile of *#&%$?

Read the rest here.

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