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Four Questions About OSHA and Palermo’s

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Posted at RightWisconsin:


The dead tree has a four column headline over this story: "OSHA files eight violations against Palermo's pizza firm" written by unionist activist reporter Georgia Pabst. (ICYMI: "Journal Sentinel Reporters Fail to Disclose Their Ties to Big Labor")
Palermo’s is taking the matter seriously, as it should, and the process will play itself out. But the story leaves several questions hanging:
1. Who leaked the story? OSHA did not issue a release or statement, so who released it? And why? was it a government official?
2. Why was this story leaked to Voces de la Frontera? Voces is not an innocent bystander; it has been waging an attack on the company for nearly a year. Who gave them the confidential OSHA information? Was there an agenda?
3. Why now? Did the investigation, the violations, the leak have anything to do with the fact that Voces is gearing up for their June 1 protests targeted at the family home of the company’s CEO? 
4. Why is this a story? Does the media report on routine OSHA findings involving other companies? Or only those targeted by the activist left?

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