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Gwen Moore's Casual Smear of the U.S. Military

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Milwaukee's Gwen Moore and her low regard for the military are the subjects of my latest piece at RightWisconsin.
"When you look at the mission of the military and military culture, which is about aggression and about war,  it shouldn’t surprise us at all that sexual assault would surface as a huge issue that they’d [the military] need to look at," said Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore, of Wisconsin.
Where to begin here? 
There are about one million active duty military personnel and the number of reported sexual assaults in 2012 was 3,374, up from 3,192 in 2011. In 2011, there were 194 rapes in Gwen Moore’s hometown of Milwaukee, a rate of 32.5 per 100,000 people. 
What culture does Moore blame for that?
There are many possible explanations for sexual assault in the military (although we should be careful not be exaggerate). In no particular order: popular culture, the breakdown of sexual mores in the wider society, boredom, alcohol, lust, anger, sexual aggression, the proximity of the young men and women who are confined under conditions that can, at times, be stressful. We could certainly add the popularity of misogynist celebration of rape in some rap music.
But Moore goes to "military culture."
Let’s concede for the moment that a certain amount of aggressive machismo will inevitably be part of that culture. But does it lead to rape? Where’s the evidence?   Read the rest...

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