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Storm Clouds Gather Over President Obama

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Today, Rick Esenberg uses the N word to describe the President. 
David Blaska looks at the University of Wisconsin's Speech Police and we take a look at the bogus claims that the legislature is at war with Milwaukee.
The political landscape has changed radically in the last week: the Benghazi cover-up has unraveled; the story of the IRS targeting of conservatives exploded; and now we learn that the Justice Department has been monitoring the phone records of reporters for the Associated Press. Meanwhile, Obamacare czar Kathleen Sibelius has been shaking down the health care industry for cash to support the implementation of Obamacare.
For Obama this is the perfect storm. One story can be dismissed or overlooked; with two stories the media begins to connect the dots. But three (or four) scandals at once change the political narrative.
For the first time some in the media are starting to notice a lot of things they had overlooked in the past: the Chicago-style willingness to use government power as a bludgeon, the arrogance, the dishonesty, the sense that normal rules don't apply in the era of hope-and-change. Comparisons to Nixon have become almost too easy.
We're going to cover all angles of the growing storm here at -- from our Perspectives and Daily Takes, to the Free Key Reads, and our other free feature,  the Feed, you're going to be able to follow every angle and breaking story.
Hang on, it's going to be a wild ride.

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