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Dead Tree Fail

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Voces de la Frontera could assemble 6 protesters and a dog and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel would be all over it, perhaps assigning multiple reporters and a photographer.

But 300 taxpayers rally for the reform of the Milwaukee County Board? Not news.

Perhaps it was because yours truly was the Master of Ceremonies? Or maybe it's because they were too busy covering more important things?

Fortunately, we have you covered, see here.

Also, the dead tree recently ran a profile of an MPS teacher and her anguish. Savvy Pundit brings you the rest of the story.


Alan Borsuk had a fascinating article in the weekend’s paper extolling the virtues of a linguistics class taught by Suzanne Loosen at MPS’s Milwaukee School of Languages.   Since Borsuk found this class – where they dig into the meaning of words – such a "special jewel in Milwaukee education," let’s dig into a few words relevant to his column and the topic of education in Milwaukee ourselves.
Let’s start with the word "selective."   Were you inspired by the Borsuk article?   Would you like to send your child to Milwaukee School of Languages (MSL)?  Good luck.  As with most of the best MPS schools, MSL is open only to those who meet the school’s admission requirements.   
This would be in contrast to non-selective MPS schools who take any students who apply, and schools in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program who are prohibited by law from placing admission requirements on their enrollees.   That does not make MSL any less of a "jewel" but it relevant to note that this jewel is only available to a handpicked – some might say "creamed" – few in Milwaukee.
Next word: "boutique."  What MSL does, teaching foreign languages to a hand-picked few, is great.  However, it does beg the question of why, in a district where only 14.2% of the students are proficient in reading the English language, we are using our scarce taxpayer dollars to develop fluency in foreign languages for Milwaukee’s elite?  
Is that sort of boutique education really the best use of dollars in a district that is constantly crying poor?  Might MPS be better off working on the mastery of the basics for all its students before it branches out into the sort of specialized programming offered by MSL?  I might be tempted to call a feature story about the glories of MSL’s linguistics studies while less than 20% of MPS students can read "putting lipstick on a pig," but it might be deemed offensive to pigs. The column continues, read on.

Dead tree fail. We pick up the slack.

All this and more, today at RightWisconsin.

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