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Ron Johnson: Why I Voted No On the Gun Bill

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Exclusively on Right Wisconsin... Senator Ron Johnson explains his vote on gun control:


The images coming from Newtown last fall were nothing less than a nightmare come true.  Every American was saddened and disturbed by the actions of a seriously disturbed young man who shot his way into a school and committed mass murder. 
Immediately afterward, President Obama announced that Vice President Biden would lead a "comprehensive" review of the causes of this kind of senseless violence.  Most Americans supported a complete conversation to determine the root causes.
Unfortunately, what could have been a meaningful conversation possibly leading to effective measures designed to better protect Americans was quickly hijacked by the anti-gun lobby.  Instead of a comprehensive approach, they singularly focused on gun control and resurrected a call for the previously tried and failed banning of scary looking pistols, rifles, shotguns, and various forms of ammunition.
Democrats in the Senate eventually realized that gun-grabbing legislation was not going to pass, so they introduced a bill that would do little, or nothing, to reduce the violence - but would infringe the rights, increase the costs, and significantly inconvenience law-abiding citizens. Background checks are already required in most commercial gun sales. The bill from Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) would have extended them in a number of intrusive ways.
For example, the bill would have made it a crime for you to give a gun to your nephew as a gift, or lend a rifle to your cousin for deer season, without first paying for a background check.  It also would have required a federal record of every firearm sale - recording who was the buyer and what was purchased.
These are infringements on the rights of law-abiding gun owners — rights so crucial to our freedom that the Founding Fathers put them in the Second Amendment to the Constitution.  The Manchin-Toomey amendment was also fatally flawed.
More importantly – and after all the speeches and politicking by the anti-gun lobby - nothing in Senator Schumer’s bill, or the Manchin-Toomey alternative, would have prevented the tragedy in Newtown, nor prevent similar tragedies in the future....
You can read the whole article here...

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