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What's Staying in the Sykes Stylebook

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At Right Wisconsin today:

The AP May Be Changing Its Stylebook. I'm Not


News item: the Associated Press has decided to ban the use of the term “illegal immigrant” from its stylebook.


The Stylebook no longer sanctions the term “illegal immigrant” or the use of “illegal” to describe a person. Instead, it tells users that “illegal” should describe only an action, such as living in or immigrating to a country illegally.

Acceptable variations include living in or entering a country illegally or without legal permission.

Just to be clear: The Sykes Stylebook will continue to use the term “illegal immigrant.” In fact, this seems a good time to reaffirm all of the terms that will be staying in the Sykes Stylebook:


“Moocher,” a term that perfectly captures our culture of entitlements, handouts, bailouts, and trough feeding.  Far preferable to “disadvantaged.”

 “Moonbat,” which describes  the howling-at-the-moon irrationality of the far-out progressive. See also “fever swamps of the left.” Often used to describe Ed Garvey and other local bloggers.

“Islamic terrorist,” a term in disrepute amongst the same folks who want to stop using the term “illegal immigrant.”

 “Recovering liberal” a term that describes former liberals who have been mugged by reality, discovered the tooth fairy doesn’t exist, or have become taxpayers.

“Dead tree,” a reference to an ancient form of media printed and distributed on the remains of trees that have been cut down, pulped , and transformed into newsprint. Likely an endangered species in the digital age.

“Blue fister,” a reference to the charming clenched blue fist posters that became the symbol of the unionista uprising in Wisconsin. We were supposed to think that the fists somehow looked like a map of Wisconsin. They actually looked like symbol of a movement of angry tools.

“Lying crap-weasel,” a term reserved for especially egregious cases of deception, dishonesty, and deception.

“Half-fast,” often confused with the term “half-assed.” Used to accurately describe so-called high-speed trains that are not really all that fast: as in “Half-fast train.”

“Lard-ass,” not to be used to describe cases of obesity. Rather, the term is best used to describe the slothful  laziness of members of the media or political class who refuse get off it to either report stories or solve actual problems.

“Cheesehead Domination,” the process by which Wisconsin extends it domination over the whole country. See Packers, Miss America, MVP, politics.

“Walker Derangement Syndrome,” (WDS)a chronic wasting disease among leftists unhinged by the mere existence of Scott Walker. Often accompanied by reflexive references to the Koch Brother, the syndrome  is especially evident in Madison, the East Side of Milwaukee , and the letter to the editor columns of the local dead tree.

“Assume the editorial position,” the process by which anonymous editorial writers opine, pontificate, and bloviate to the rest of us.

“Poverty Pimp,” a term that may be unfair to actual pimps.

“Kleptocracy’  ("rule by thieves") is  defined as “form of political and government corruption where the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population, often without pretense of honest service.” Originally used to describe Milwaukee County government in the Ament era, it now seems an apt description of government at all levels.

“Sticky Fingers,” generally used as a reference to the Democrat leader of the state senate, Chris Larson, in recognition of his career as a shoplifter and his more general approach to taxpayer money.

“Unionista,” used to describe the supporters of the union agenda, in particular the opposition to Act 10. Nicely blends the drum circle and vuvuzela crowd with their ideological compadres, the Sandinistas.

“Thug,” a few years back a Milwaukee police captain was fired for calling some thugs…  “thugs.” We don’t share the squeamishness. Also applies to some unionistas, especially those suffering from WDS.

“Bum,” see “moocher.”

“Criminal,” a phrase that is often notably absent from MSM accounts of cases of alleged police misconduct. Use is preferable to the more politically correct term “victim.”

“Educrat,” a term that describes a type of educational bureaucrat more intent on protecting the system and his/her power, privileges, and perks than educating children.

“Drunken baby smothering,” a term that describes many of the recent infant deaths far more accurately than the bland phrase “co-sleeping deaths.” The failure to call the cases what they are might be contributing the ongoing failure to do anything about the epidemic.

 “Flagrant act of journalism,” a phrase that distinguishes actual reporting from the sock puppet and lard-ass variety. Rarely used.

“Slug” used to describe politicians who leave a trail of slime wherever they go.

 “Beclown,” a verb describing the process by which people make total asses of themselves. Frequently used to describe members of the elite media and Joe Biden...

There's a lot more...

You can read the rest at RightWisconsin.

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