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My take on last night's election...

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You can listen to my take on last night's election here, by listening to my discussion with RightWisconsin's Brian Fraley.

He offers more news and analysis at He writes:

It wasn’t a clean sweep for supporters of Scott Walker on the ballot in Wisconsin last night. But there is no other way to look at it: It was a very good night for Wisconsin Conservatives (With a notable exception of the Milwaukee school board, more on that, here). Liberals lost races they had spent a lot of time and money to win and were left with less significant victories down-ballot.

It all starts with the re-election of Supreme Court Justice Pat Roggensack.

Supreme Court

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Vote %


Pat Roggensack (inc)




Ed Fallone




The results of that race point to an incredible missed opportunity for conservatives, however. Look at the drop off in votes from Roggensack to the token opposition pro-education reform forces put up against establishment incumbent State Superintendent  Tony Evers.


Supt. of Public Instruction

99% reporting




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Tony Evers (inc)




Don Pridemore





Yet the conservatives scored two key wins in down ballot races in Southeastern Wisconsin as well. Judge Tom Wolfgram was throttled by newcomer Joe Voiland.


Ozaukee Circuit Court Br. 2

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Vote %


Joe Voiland




Tom R. Wolfgram (inc)




Scott Walker judicial appointee Rebecca Bradley successfully fended off a challenge by the liberal machine in Milwaukee County.


Milwaukee Circuit Court Br. 45

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Vote %


Rebecca Bradley (inc)




Janet Protasiewicz




Two other Walker judicial appointees did not fare as well, with Judges Rebecca St. John and John Yackel losing close contests in Dane and Lincoln counties, respectively...There will be a lot to dissect in the coming days, but some quick thoughts on that Voiland shellacking of former Judge Wolfgram. Voiland beat a 19-year incumbent judge. Trounced him. Voiland only lost two wards in the whole county. Read the rest, here.




But it was not all good news, as Savvy Pundit points out..

A crappy night for Milwaukee's schools...
Lost in the shuffle of  higher profile elections yesterday was yet another giant step in MPS’s slog to oblivion with the election of union hacks Tatiana Joseph and Claire Zautke. To be perfectly honest, the opponents these two defeated – Angel Sanchez and incumbent David Voeltner – were hardly giants of reform; but by the Lilliputian standards of the MPS they stuck out like islands of reason in a vast sea of knee-jerk unionista idiocy.
Naturally, that modicum of independence and reason put a target on their electoral backs and the still-powerful MTEA machine rose up to take them out.
With the militant wing of teacher’s union now in even more secure control of the MPS Board look for a few new developments soon:
*First, look for timid change agent Michael Bonds to be ousted as MPS Board President and be replaced with the unapologetically strident Larry Miller.
*Second, under Miller’s leadership, look for the MPS Board to quickly jam through an extension of the current MTEA contract, putting off the district’s ability to achieve savings afforded to them by Act 10 and hastening the district’s descent into the fiscal abyss.
*Finally, look for a moment of truth from MPS Superintendent Gregory Thornton.

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